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Your Digital Transformation and Data Analytics Consultant


At AIBOTS we are first and foremost, a team.

We are made up of experts in data, automation, graphics, project management, and digital pathways. 

We are here to serve and ease your business’ digital transformation needs. We offer consultancy, expertise in development, and execution of digital transformation pilots.

In this increasingly digitized era, businesses gain more momentum when they leverage on latest technology or useful digital trends. The long work of an entire workforce can be simplified, its time shortened, its quality improved and its production efficiency increased.

Here at Aibots, you are in control of your own digital transformation journeys. You can choose your desired area of improvement, decide your desired goals, and discuss with our consultants for the best way forward. We will assist you with a game plan for your path towards digital enlightenment.

We have experience in helping our clients establish a Data API, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence reporting, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application. Here are some simple examples of how we can utilize RPA to help your routine business processes.

We invite you to contact our consultants today.

Welcome. And enjoy your experience with Aibots. 

Aibots area of expertise

Digital Transformation Consultation

Get connected with our team to discuss your digital transformation goals.

Big Data Analytics

Gain insights behind the data generated.

Robotic Process Automation

Transform repetitive tasks and utilize fully automated processes.

Internet of Things

Let your automated systems stay connected for optimal performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Machines learn from inputs and experience and perform tasks by processing data and providing decision-making support.
Aibots - Beyond Future
Aibots Through The Looking Glass
  • Aibots was first founded on December 14, 2017.
  • Specializes in Digital Transformation consultation, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Data API.
  • A fully Malaysian owned digital consulting firm with multi-disciplinary workforce.
The Aibots Way
Aibots is created to
  • Assist companies to leverage on the expertise and assistance of adopting emerging digital technologies for addressing pain points.
  • Assist companies to leverage on digital technologies to benefit from opportunities in the digital space.
  • Assist companies to achieve favourable business outcomes that enables good reimbursement, such as increased productivity, reduced foreign labour dependency, as well as creation of new source of growth or business model.
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