Complementing the CRM software with social media monitoring to save millions of revenues from threats while extracting growth through one-time investment


Why SMA is needed?

Sales Growth

Difficult to understand share of voice from social media especially from non-consumption which can be used to develop sales growth.

Risk Management

CRM does not involve investigating crisis management which put your business on risks to lose money & customers within a few hours.

Unlimited Insights

CRM is a one-way process to get to a transaction and creating value for your company without incorporating what customer talks back.

VS Social-CRM

  Getting small data

  Business centric

  Inside-out strategy

  Getting unlimited data

  Customer centric

  Outside-in strategy

What Make Your
Business Different With Us
Public perspective

People often find out the solution of one-size-fits-for-all as the best platform to build a new level of performance.They believe in the best practices of industry players without understanding unforeseen needs specifically. When the business grows and needs to adapt to new changes suddenly, it will damage the current workflow and incurred high costs.

your desirability

In Aibots, your business gains additional value by maximizing your business’s needs to fit directly with a low-cost model while implementing AI and automation system. The most important part is analyzing unforeseen needs thoroughly to build different business edge and strong foundation of extended CRM with social media analytical system.