The software of human intelligence customization tools that manage specific business task and giving supervision to improve decision making.


Why AI is needed?

High Volume of Data

Human can become fatigued when working with a high volume of data and need additional hours when facing irregular activities.

Human Capital Costs

The human capital costs incurred are prohibitively expensive because they only can do a few jobs at one time to get the desired results.

Data Prediction

In some cases, intervention of human feelings bring to lack of accuracy of data prediction in real-time.

Proof Of Concept (POC)

You can start by implementing a small scale of project to improve existing business capabilities. Working on a specific functionality and department so that you can reduce risks of failure and learn how to develop new source of value with AI.

Artificial Intelligence VS
Intelligence Augmented

  Fully automated robot

  Work without people

  Decision making by robot ONLY

  Semi-automated robot

  Work with people

  Decision making by human and robot

What Make Your
Business Different With Us
Public perspective

Think that AI is an individual application for doing repetitive tasks as a human does before and no need for any changes and replacements. Moreover, it is hard to implement when the company is used to traditional ways of work and more concerned about a substantial amount of AI investments.

your desirability

In Aibots, your business gains additional value by creating a low-cost AIecosystem that improves the current business model rather than changing theways of doing tasks. Implementing small-scale of the project to specificfunctionality or department is sufficient for delivering a new source ofrevenue through increasing speed of work in a fast-changing environment.