The process of simplifying your decision making of abundant big datatools and software with less time-consuming and low-cost operations

Set Up And Manage
Well-Design Infrastructure

Require large amount of space and must constantly scale their hardware and software to accommodate increases.

New data is being created quickly and need to respond in real time.

Different formats including text, images, video, spreadsheets and databases.

Build data accuracy and quality from biases, noises and abnormality.


Why BDA is needed?

Data Collection

Manage structured and unstructured data by human/automation.

Data Storage

Develop scalability performance within a single system.

Data Processing

Connect different systems to enable disparate data analytics.

Data Analysis

Generate insights by rules-based analytics or using AI applications.

Data Visualization

Build data-driven communication while creating synergy.

Big Data Solutions
(Before VS After)

  Manual process

  Time consuming

  High cost

  Real time

  Best decision making

  Cost reduction

What Make Your
Business Different With Us
Public perspective

People believe that the best selection of big data tools comes from looking other performance. However, integration success rate will be determined by the actual results of data testing within the system. Implementing data testing over and over again will not be the best option because of inefficient and wasteful.

your desirability

In Aibots, your business gains additional value by applying our past experiences to access the right tools with low-cost operations. Big data technology looks identical but technically, there will be differences in terms of data functionality, team size, data volume and system design. Visualizing internal resources is important to optimize big data tools in fast decision making for your competitive advantage.