A software tool to automate set of rule-based work activities that significantly accelerate your business process reengineering (BPR)


Why RPA is needed?

Data Integration

Having integration problems between legacy systems and different applications with low visibility to reach customer touch points.

Data Management

Fast growing rate of data volume from different systems are difficult to manage such as compiling, file transferring and creating reports.

Manual Operation

A process involving many manual steps to meet new challenges leave room for human errors, increased costs and loss of revenue.

System Flow
(Manual VS Automation)

  Office hour

  Slow process

  High operating cost

  24 hour

  Fast process

  Low operating cost

What Make Your
Business Different With Us
Public perspective

Most of the people understand that workflow automation is about replacing the manual one from human to robotic. Implementation of robotic system also required additional physical space and more focusing on current workflow drawback without analyzing how to improve the overall operations with low cost model.

your desirability

In Aibots, your business gains additional value by visualizing the amount of wastes (delays, defects, work duplication and over processing) take place for every work activity. Moreover, low cost model can be done within your business through the principle of ERC (eliminate, reduce, combine) supporting with UiPath, BPR and KAIZEN.