16 08

By Nadia Zaifulizan

While we cruise through the first half of August and continue the journey nearing this month’s season end, we look at a brief compilation of the 5 latest technology updates, this week.

1.Apple is suing Corellium for alleged copyright infringement through replicating the operating system and applications used on the iPhone and iPad. The lawsuit states that Corellium copied everything: the code, the graphical user interface, the icons, in exacting detail with no license or permission from Apple. Corellium is a virtualization software company which allows customers to create and interact with virtual iOS devices, all within the browser.

2. Twitter is testing its direct messages screening feature which can filter out potentially offensive messages. Messages with specific keywords will be filtered into a separate subfolder in a separate “message requests” folder. This is shortly after Twitter’s latest developments to suggest topics to users so that users can follow their “Interests”, other than just people or accounts.

3. Instagram users can now report content that they view as false, via the “inappropriate” option in the menu. After users flag the content, instagram will look at the account’s behavior to determine if the post requires third party fact checkers. This recent announcement is an effort to manage the spread of wrong information and other social media abuses on the platform.

4. Youtube is changing how copyright claims related to brief or unintentional clips are managed, to make the system more fair to video creators. Copyright holders can no longer make money off of the video that uses their audio. What they can do is block the video from earning money, block the video entirely, or simply leave the video as it is. Youtube claims that this is a way of achieving long-term balance to reduce the number of copyright holders making copyright claims in the long-term. However, in the short run, many more videos might be subject to the copyright block.

5. Amazon promoted its Prime Video series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” by offering 30 cents per gallon of fuel to fit the price cost of the year 1959 (the year set in the show). This resulted in extreme traffic delays, Santa Monica police issuing traffic warnings, and heavy congestion which at one point temporarily shut down the promotion. The promotion has resumed since then with a more organized line for discount fuel.

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