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Today, in the telecom sector, 5G and IoT are playing an instrumental role in expanding Telcos services and abilities over a wide range of verticals.

Together, they are unleashing a powerful combination of super speed, expanded bandwidth, low latency, and increased power efficiency that shall drive billions of more connections in the coming years.

Thanks to features like speed, massive capacity and super low latency, the 5G technologies are set to bring wide disruption in the IoT powered industries.

According to IDC, by 2021 5G’s broad enablement of IoT use cases will drive 70% of G2000 companies to spend US$1.2 billion on connectivity management solutions.

Powered by user-centric architecture of 5G, Telecom will rely on IoT sensors for data collection, asset tracking, and service delivery; and, at the same time, expand the IoT infrastructure.

According to a market analysis by staffing firm TeamLease Digital, the talent demand in India’s telecom sector is expected to grow by 18-20% in 2021 on account of wide-spread adoption of internet services, demand for better telecom networks, and the rollout of 5G technology.

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