04 08

An online app called Amica is now using artificial intelligence to help to separate couples make parenting arrangements and divide their assets.

The chatbot uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to make suggestions for how splitting couples can divide their money and property based on their circumstances.

Amica demonstrates A.I.’s potential in solving legal problems in family disputes. There is a range of A.I.-powered family legal services used in Australia, including Penda and Adieu.

Penda aims to help victims of family violence by providing free legal and safety information.

Its A.I. chatbot provides online legal advice and information without requiring a face-to-face meeting with a lawyer.

Adieu enables couples to achieve amicable financial and parenting agreements via its A.I. chatbot component “Lumi”, which can refer couples to mediators, counselors, lawyers, or financial advisers if required.

Lumi also has a one-click disclosure tool designed to save time and money by using A.I. to analyze the financial records of both users.

A.I. tools such as Amica and Adieu enable couples to resolve problems themselves and avoid the slow and expensive court process.

We also surveyed 37 Adieu users to find out who would use such an app and how comfortable people were with them.

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