09 07

By Farahdiba Abdullah

Robotic & Cognitive Automation (RCA) is defined as the combination between robotic and cognitive worlds. Robotic automation is the most basic form of machine intervention to perform rules-based work without human involvement. Meanwhile, the cognitive world (Artificial Intelligence) is technology that is designed to operate in a way that mimics human behavior. Both can be done by interacting with any software applications or seamlessly connecting to data sources and web services.

Investments in RPA is necessary for organizations to become sustainable, have solid competitive advantage, and move to the next level of business transformation, namely cognitive wave. Embracing cognitive platform creates an opportunity for organizations to move from being product-centric to having greater customer-centricity. An example of this is a case study of the banking industry.

From the case study, automation can increase customer satisfaction since the customer can access an online service with rapid response. Quality services lead to improved customer-base and generate new revenue. Therefore, now is the time for organizations to move forward by seeking out different alternatives for business operations to achieve greater continuity.

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