14 03

By Nadia Zaifulizan

Artificial Intelligence learns through its millions of network perimeters, at a faster rate and with bigger volume.
Its “learning” is exponential.
Even with zero knowledge at the start, after a short period of time it continues, accumulates, and produces its own “intelligence”.
This “intelligence” is key, and is utilized in various applications.
The AI is able to “think” and make the best choices when situated in decision-making positions. But how does it learn, and what possible outcomes are we prepared for?

In the future, super-intelligent AI are more likely to incur a Technological Singularity, one that is beyond the understanding of normal human beings.

“We would have to somehow teach the AI to have human-like values, a moral code to follow and somehow work around that.”

-Aperture – Artificial Intelligence: Mankind’s Last Invention

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