01 07

Nowadays, it’s hard to come across a business that doesn’t use automation technology, whether it be an automated HR system or automated spray systems.

When a business has a system that effectively takes care of all its mundane, repetitive activities, this allows employees to think more creatively and simply perform their job in a better way.

Mr Stepanov said: “We will see in a post-pandemic world that businesses will have to use automation technology if they want to scale and grow.

There is also no denying that automation technologies enable businesses to perform better customer service.

In addressing this, Mr Stepanov added: “Not only can automation dramatically cut down on costs, but it can also allow the organization’s people to focus on revenue-generating activities such as spending time with leads or customers, expanding into new markets, exploring new channels, and more.

In speaking about how the world will continue to use automation technologies after the pandemic, Mr Stepanov said: “Automation technology can strengthen businesses in a post-pandemic world.

What 2020 has shown us is that we are relying heavily on technology. At the start of the pandemic, businesses were forced to transition not only their entire workforce online, but consumers more broadly embraced the online business world,” “Because the volume of activity has gone dramatically up, automation technology is more important than ever to keep up with consumer activity and run businesses efficiently.”

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