08 04

Customer testimony is the best validation for any pitch by a technology vendor – that’s the hill on which we at diginomica are prepared to die.

I despaired recently when an invitation came in from one enterprise name to join it online to “understand the importance of customer experience”, an invitation I declined having checked out the speaker list to find…no customers.

I confess I had a bad feeling when I scoped out the Cisco Live 2021 program last week, as session after session appeared to involve Cisco people talking to other Cisco people.

But fortunately there were some customer-centric panels to counter this echo chamber approach, including one in which three customers from different business sectors discussed how they had used tech to transform end-user experiences over the past year.

Re-educating education Meanwhile Down Under in Melbourne, Australia, John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor and President of La Trobe University, reflected on the impact COVID has had on the higher education system there, highlighting an estimated 20% reduction in revenues for the next three or four years.

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