30 06

Big data, algorithm, and power computing, as platform-driven “three carriages”, are “playing in concert” a symphony in the new economy where digital consumption coupons serve as a form of “currency”.

Based on digital platforms and various forms of interconnectivity, the services to which digital coupons are connected no longer focus only on tourism, shopping, education and other areas of traditional consumption, but also extend to dining, travel, health, car purchase, departmental stores, chain shopping brands, supermarkets, books and other diversified forms of consumption, which, by practically meeting almost all consumer demands, will help the industrial ecology increase value dividends.

The data-driven online platform economy is promoting industrial integration and competition, while the industrial internet, as digital economy 2.0, has become a new field of competition for science and technology enterprises.

The use of digital consumption coupons shows the online platform economy and industrial internet are helping SMEs improve their digital operation capability and accelerate the pace of digital industrial transformation.

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