24 06

During the COVID-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a trusted ally and partner in our daily lives.

AI even enables robots to answer the call for contactless food delivery to our homes and deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals without exposing supply workers to the virus.

Perhaps the most consequential use of AI in this pandemic is in healthcare where essential decisions such as whom to contact, test or offer scarce resources are increasingly based on AI.

Kai-fu Lee, a renown AI global expert, sees, “a clear roadmap of how AI, accelerated by the pandemic, will be infused into health care.”

And while unemployment rates skyrocket at a pace that makes heads and numeric models spin, AI is being used to make pivotal employment decisions.

Their use as the sole source for such determinations is especially problematic at this time given that joblessness trends are disproportionately affecting persons of color.

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