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In its ‘2020 Beyond Disruption’ report, based on around 600 interviews conducted with business leaders in Australia and New Zealand, DXC Technology uncovers the importance for embracing technology-driven initiatives to build more organizational resilience, and sheds light on some of the key priorities for any digital roadmap.

Most organizations have over the past period invested in cloud services and enhanced cybersecurity, in mobile applications to engage with customers and employees, in remote learning platforms, and in virtual staff such as chatbots and digital assistants.

Leaders must actively pursue new thinking and ideas, be prepared to change business models and processes, and work collaboratively with their employees to execute changes.

Sustainable, secure, simple, and scalable experiences allow employees to be multi-disciplinary, adapt better to change, and maximize their productivity and creativity.

Organizations must take advantage of the power of data and analytics to improve operational resilience, revitalize products and services, increase margins, and drive growth.

It is imperative that organizations can access trusted data that allows a holistic view of their customer and operations, in order to identify new opportunities and data-driven services at scale.

In terms of the road economy recovery, 54% believe it will take up to three years to fully recover from disruption.

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