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In a dynamic and increasingly complex business environment in perpetual motion, decisions are often ineffective because companies lack data and analytics systems that can reflect the “business moment.” 

We define business moment as a transient opportunity for people, data, and businesses to work together in unique, situationally adaptive ways in order to create increased value.

Optimizing the potential of a “business moment” calls for an emphasis on Active Intelligence, or a frictionless state of continuous intelligence where technology and processes trigger immediate actions from real-time, analytics-ready data.

This requires real-time data integration with fast, iterative transformation and continuous ingestion capabilities.

For data to reflect the “reality” of the business moment, it needs to be real-time and hyper-contextual, oriented with a correct business view and a use-case-centric focus.

Besides that, move analytics from “Surveillance Mode” to “Decision Mode”. Data and analytics don’t change the organization.

Decisions do. Active Intelligence delivers decision makers relevant, personalized insights in context, in the moment, for every moment, automating and scaling the decisions with powerful, trusted, and embedded analytics.

Business, data, and IT leaders must prepare for the growing demands of digital transformation by including Active Intelligence capabilities in their analytics & BI strategies.

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