28 07

“In recent years, there was concern among office workers that AI would drive job losses, but employee opinions seem to have changed.

The more they’ve been exposed to AI and see it in action, the more they’ve realized how much it can assist them with their daily work,” SnapLogic CTO Craig Stewart said in a statement.

More than half (56%) of employees responding to the SnapLogic survey said they’re using “AI” — which the survey doesn’t define — as a part of their daily job responsibilities.

Almost half (49%) felt it improved their decision-making and accelerated time to insights, while just over half (51%) said they believe AI enables them to achieve a better work/life balance.

The workplace appears to be the proving ground for the use of AI, according to Stewart, with 45% of respondents reporting having downloaded AI-powered work apps compared with 26% reporting having downloaded personal apps.

“As AI is increasingly used to make better decisions and rack up productivity gains, they’ve gone from tentatively accepting to fully embracing AI.

The fact that they are now calling on their leaders to accelerate AI technology adoption in the enterprise is a real sea-change,” Stewart added.

“The C-suite, or the top level of companies that are getting interested in this technology, are seeing how they can actually use AI for business,” Accenture global lead for applied intelligence Sanjeev Vohra explained during a recent panel at VentureBeat’s Transform conference.

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