12 01

Artificial intelligence is changing the way users are interacting with their apps offering numerous possibilities for innovation.

Smartphone app developers are adapting quickly to use AI in improving mobile app performances.

Using AI in translators improves the mobile app performance by translating words in real-time.

The new generation of Apple’s iPhone devices uses AI-based algorithms for face recognition with added features and functionality.

Smartphone developers are using AI to develop voice and image recognition for increased mobile app performances.

Visually challenged people can take advantage of AI-based image recognition applications.

When a customer uses an app with such technology, a large amount of real-time data is collected.

Mobile app developers can use this technology to pair with existing apps to increase mobile app performance.

Thanks to enhanced technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning, developers can look forward to a smooth authentication process and user experience.

AI is increasingly getting implemented for detecting security threats like malware or adware attacks in real-time in mobile applications that involve in-app purchases.

In the future, AI is bound to create an intelligent ecosystem to gather a massive pool of social, behavioral, and emotional data to provide more customized user experiences.

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