03 07

Fitness is about every industry from transportation to leisure, has witnessed the emergence of digital as a force for change, and brick and mortar gyms are having a tough time keeping pace.

But there is another factor at play which speaks to the preferences of Generation Y/millennials and Generation Z, who account for almost 50% of all health club members.

These consumers have a preference for on-demand services and are less attracted to locking in annual membership fees.

There are many thousands of certified trainers who have been laid off from gyms are now empowered to run their own businesses.

Thanks to cloud-hosted back offices and video conferencing capabilities that provide real-time delivery of services.

When stuck at home, trainers and consumers have had to adapt and get creative about how they think about fitness. Thus, they have gotten into the routine of working out from home, either with a trainer or on-demand through an app, many will never go back to a traditional gym.

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