17 09

For healthcare providers and public health institutions, outbreaks will continue to be a threat, but it is possible to mitigate the impact of outbreaks by harnessing big data and AI to predict and forecast epidemics, as well as to source medical supplies.

In Thailand, via the Digital Council of Thailand (DCT) is working alongside other Council members to launch digital platforms and applications to help source medical supply donations as well as to track, trace and contain the spread of COVID-19.

In the area of food supply chains and retail, integrating breakthrough tech into agribusiness, farming and e-commerce will help bring more transparency and traceability into value chains to serve customers and society in a more responsible and sustainable way.

For example, we have seen how satellite systems can help farmers better locate suitable arable land for farming, how the Internet of Things (IoT) allows irrigation systems to better manage water utilization, and how blockchain brings transparency into supply chains by enabling buyers and sellers to trace agricultural goods throughout the production process.

Upgrading the infrastructure around digital and innovation is critical for business continuity and for our future society to thrive, but it cannot be achieved by the action of one company or country alone and it requires global public-private partnerships.

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