21 07

“The most important thing before implementing AI model is you need to determine the core task,” said Eric Yeh, who is a computer scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International.

The model adopted would be dramatically different from a case where you want to put captions on the images, even if they look similar and have the same input data.”

It’s important to realize that you need the right kind of data for certain models. “On average, the data preparation process takes 2X or in some cases 3X longer that just the design of the machine learning algorithm,” said Valeria Sadovykh, who is the Emerging Technology Global Delivery Lead at PwC Labs.

On the other hand, “to perform feature engineering, the practitioner building the model is required to have a good understanding of the problem at hand—such as having a preconceived notion of possible effective predictors even before discovering them through the data,” said Jason Cottrell, who is the CEO of Myplanet.

“These days, neural networks are used to learn features, as they are better at understanding statistics than humans,” said Shadi Sifain, who is the senior manager of data science and predictive analytics at Paychex.

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