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KM building blocks or components include data, skills, communities, and lessons learned.

The authors recommend specific steps like creating an organizational ‘Yellow Pages of Individual Skills’ and incentives for subject experts to share knowledge.

Processes for best practices and lessons learned should build and capture both personal and collective learnings in a reflective way, the authors advise.

In sectors like oil and gas, KM processes commonly include learning before, during, and after key events, the authors explain.

Formal KM processes include lessons learned, peer assist, best practice capture, and storytelling.

Other impacts include faster access to the right skills, knowledge retention, and preparedness for the opportunities of digital transformation.

V. KM and digital transformation KM’s strengths in human capital asset management can effectively support digitalization initiatives.

Effective KM can give a performance boost to digitalization, by fine-tuning the creation of quality data and generating business insights to create value.

Collaborative social network tools should be engaging and easy to use, and can help to start a “new digital way of working.”

The authors emphasize the importance of collaboration, where all parties’ goals are achieved.

Other techniques to use are social network analysis (SNA), or the use of algorithms to unearth and map out social networks, contacts, and personality diagrams “Digital processes, in turn, can greatly aid a key principle of KM, namely to transform data plus information plus experience into really actionable and valuable new knowledge that can be acted upon,” the authors explain.

“KM should be an essential enabler for digital transformation – and a de facto component in any high-yield top-performing businesses,” the authors emphasise.

In sum, the primer provides a compact overview of the field of organizational knowledge and learning, along with personal insights on how this connects to digital transformation and AI.

Is your business being ready to adopt digital transformation?

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