06 11

Security cameras have become valuable tools to identify threats of violence. There’s a new development that adds AI that can detect guns in security video.

The new dimension of AI has the potential to prevent a mass casualty event.

“We needed to move away from the thinking that emergency mass notification systems were all about notification, ” said David Fraser, CEO of Omnilert.

Fraser demonstrated its new Gun Detect technology it claims to be an industry first using AI.

Utilizing existing camera networks in a large-scale setting, such as a school or airport or large business campus, algorithms can identify a gun or shotgun.

The system first flags the gun in orange as suspicious, then goes to red alert in seconds.

“They basically can make a high-resolution determination of whether this is a real threat or not,” said Fraser.

In the demonstration for ABC7 News, a suspect with a face mask walks into view of a security camera, briefly casing out the room and then pulling out a gun.

Artificial intelligence identifies it as a threat. “After that,” noted Fraser, “it’s a single click to be able to initiate a predefined set of actions.

“ A cell phone pop-up notifies a security officer.

Software then provides a still photo to get details of the gun and a description of the suspect.

Then a decision can be made whether to dispatch first responders or to dismiss it as a false alarm.

AI knows, for example, that a sprinkler head is not a gun.

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