17 07

In the latest CoSN IT leadership survey, more than half of respondents (55 percent) said that AI would have a significant or even transformational impact on teaching and learning within the next five years, if privacy issues can be addressed to everybody’s satisfaction.

The education division of Common Sense serves as a vetting tool to help teachers choose educational software based on learning ratings, community ratings and privacy ratings.

The problem Common Sense faced was in trying to help teachers and families make better decisions about the software they use by evaluating whether it exists in the first place, whether the privacy practices are transparent, whether there’s advertising or user tracking in the product, whether the company does data collection and sells that data, and a whole bunch of other issues.

Of the 750 products already evaluated, about half of the companies have updated their policies based on the ratings they’ve initially been given.

Common Sense wondered whether machine learning might help speed up the privacy policy evaluation process by identifying the elements that were essential in a well-written privacy policy.

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