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In this time of crisis, leaders have seen the value of a flexible work structure, like increased productivity of the workforce, the ability to attract new talent into government and the ability to engage with residents in new, more efficient ways.

At Cisco, our goal remains the same: to ensure public sector organizations can connect, secure and automate their workflow in a way that best supports their mission.

We have been listening to our customer’s needs to refocus that approach based on these core priorities: reimagining applications, empowering the workforce, securing data and transforming the infrastructure.

For us, that means that regardless of whether an employee is connecting remotely or in the office, they need to have an equitable experience connecting and collaborating with residents and their team.

That means continuing the work toward connecting disparate systems, gaining visibility into the network and integrating modern access capabilities for government data and resources.

At Cisco, we make it our mission to bridge the gap between the applications they’re using and the security and access solutions they need to make it all work together.

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