14 09

Mobile-first doesn’t mean mobile only. 

It means that the product focus has shifted to prioritize mobile as the main consumer channel, with others coming secondary.

But unfortunately, most brands only hear from less than one percent of their mobile customer base, which means the feedback they act on doesn’t accurately represent most of their customers.

A focus on mobile-first digital transformation allows brands to hear from more of their customers within the right place and time within their app(s).

The key is being proactive in asking for customer feedback rather than waiting for them to raise their hands, and to ask at the right moment within your digital experience in order to give conversations the best opportunity to begin.

Many mobile customers feel that providing feedback is simply too time consuming, too annoying, and too much of a hassle.

Conversely, app publishers may feel overwhelmed by the idea of collecting feedback from too many of their app’s customers because they aren’t confident in their abilities to make sense of it in a way that can help drive their product roadmap.

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