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Mission-critical IT has become paramount to support the delivery of digital services, and in order to meet increasing demand, the sector has needed to turn to technology providers to ensure operational continuity for increasingly digitized treatments, and security for the protection of patient data.

Furthermore, new software systems provide visibility and remote insight where lack of access has become a growing concern, and with increasingly restricted access to healthcare sites, this has become key for continuity.

Within the healthcare sector there is a clear focus on virtual and remote clinical aid, which is driving an urgent need for digital connectivity, resilient IT and uninterruptible power across the sector.

How can healthcare professionals balance rapid IT transformation to meet growing demand for digital care with the need to make networks more secure, resilient and connected?

It’s clear, however, that with increased digitization and data-centric care, healthcare networks are facing enormous strains in terms of latency and power usage.

To protect patient data, secure edge computing solutions and micro data centres offer standardised, repeatable and pre-integrated IT systems that support increased digital demands.

Digital connectivity, resilient IT and uninterruptible power are becoming transformative for the sector, and by ensuring these three facets are addressed in a holistic and integrated manner, IT professionals within healthcare can ensure patient care remains the key priority.

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