10 07

In early April of this year, during the height of the pandemic, all states estimated that more than 90% of all of its auto claims would be submitted via its virtual tools.

Based on my conversations with business leaders and my firm’s work developing professional services software across virtually every industry, it is clear that the digital economy trajectory has been accelerated dramatically due to COVID-19.

One area showing rapid growth even in the thick of the economic downturn is predictive analytics and business intelligence.

Companies navigating their recoveries need advanced predictive analytics that go beyond conventional econometric measures to understand the impacts of this unprecedented crisis.

While most professional services-oriented firms had already made work-from-home capabilities available to certain employees for years, no one thought we’d be able to move the entire global workforce.

With many large companies already reporting that they will not re-open major office locations after the pandemic, we’re rapidly building an expectation that everything should be able to be done remotely.

These three areas namely predictive analytics, the cloud, and sustainable remote work technologies.

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