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Viewing digital transformation as the critical driver of competitiveness, B2B organizations meant to use advances in automation and artificial intelligence to rethink hierarchical workflows.

These citizen developers undeniably will cooperate with IT in a combined model, harnessing intelligent automation to change data escalated business workflows.

Integrated intelligent automation platforms – all-inclusive resource platforms with complementary, pre-integrated automation advances were the favored strategy for driving digital workflow transformation outcomes in 2020.

The term may have dropped out of vogue this past year, however, we will see the essentials of case management will turn into the foundation of intelligent automation in 2021, as multi-channel client experiences become the standard and organizations build applications quicker than ever before.

Embedded in intelligent automation platforms and utilized as an essential accelerator to accomplishing digital workflow transformation, AI will not, at this point, be the sole space of data scientists within global companies.

Machine learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Image Recognition embedded in intelligent automation platforms will enable citizen developers to achieve digital workflow transformation – significantly lifting productivity levels and accelerating work throughout the global enterprise.

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