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Digital transformation has been cited by 77 percent of CIOs as their top budget priority.

79 percent of enterprise decision-makers have seen their digital transformation budgets increase due to the global crisis.

Proper digital adoption is a marathon, not a sprint, and training isn’t the be-all and end-all, according to Twilio.

Training needs to be geared toward the roles and needs of your workers, the company says.

It’s about why you will use a tool, for instance, using Slack to improve communication between teams, it says.

The challenge at hand is maximizing the value that companies see from digital transformation, says TwilIO’s John Boulden .

Application leaders are responsible for the delivery, adoption and improvement of new technology and processes.

They need to use data to understand employee behavior and surfacing the factors that are driving success and those that are causing problems.

Cybersecurity also brings risks around cybersecurity. 82 percent of IT security and C-level leaders surveyed said that transformation had led to at least one data breach at their companies.

It’s a subject that can’t be ignored, especially with more digital tools deployed over more endpoints that have less oversight, attack surfaces and damage potential are expanded, says Ponemon Institute report.


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