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Cybercrime incidents of cybercrime have risen dramatically in recent years.

The FBI reported a 300% increase in cybercrime in the months following the pandemic.

Every new piece of technology offers cybercriminals a new way of targeting an organization’s customers.

There is nothing wrong with organisations trying out new technologies if they think it will benefit their operations.

When introducing those new technologies, however, they should make sure to adhere to security best practices.

Data and data analytics should play a vital role in any organisation’s digital strategy.

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), enabled devices, means organisations now have access to vast amounts of data.

These technologies also bring with them an increased risk of data breaches.

Most countries, including South Africa, have data protection laws that require companies handling personal information to protect it.

That means not sending personal information over insecure channels, both internally and to customers.

95% of cybersecurity breaches are a result of human error. Organisations must audit customer communication processes to identify where employees or customers could inadvertently expose the company or themselves to a security risk.

The most powerful way to combat risk is to an ongoing education program, internally and externally.

Security should be seen as an ongoing project, not a ‘once and done’ initiative, says the expert. Organisations need to stay on top of the latest threats and ensure.

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