21 07

81% of employees believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves their overall performance at work.

More than two-thirds (68%) are calling on their employers to deploy more AI-based technology.

This study, conducted across the US and UK, sought to understand how workers across various lines of business – from HR to Finance to Marketing – feel about working with AI technologies today.

More than half of office workers say they are using AI as a part of their daily job responsibilities.

89% believe AI could support them in up to half of their everyday work activities.

The top three tasks identified all involved moving, accessing, or analyzing data.

These were understanding data and how trends and patterns can aid decision-making.

Just over half of employees believe that AI in the workplace helps them achieve a better work/life balance.

The workplace appears to be the proving ground for the use of AI, with 45% downloading AI-driven apps for their use at work, compared with just 26% who had downloaded AI apps for personal use.

As employees get comfortable with AI at work as well, perhaps they will more fully embrace it at home as well.

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