16 07

Health systems must modernize consumer engagement tactics to meet rising consumer expectations, says Tom Kiesau, director and leader of Chartis Digital at the Chartis Group.

Health systems must define what will be most important and impactful to the organization, set clear, measurable goals, and hold people accountable for demonstrable results, he said.

“Too many health systems employ a ‘hands off’ strategy on digital transformation, focusing on simply deploying technology and then tasking already overburdened operational leaders to drive digital transformation on the side while continuing to drive operational excellence,” he added.

He is scheduled to speak about the topic next month at HIMSS21.

According to Kiesau, digital transformation is a major goal for the company. Three major success elements, according to him, are clear prioritization of activities, financing, and governance.

The percentage of patients that were booked and “arrived” digitally is a significant measure of a health system’s digital transition, according to Kiesau.

According to him, the ratio of digital to analog care contacts might be a crucial element in its effectiveness.

He went on to say that health institutions must swiftly modify their strategies and put their digital efforts into action.

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