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The establishment of Sexence, a recently launched Tel Aviv-based AI-powered digital platform whose purpose is to enhance its users sex life and pleasure.

“My story with Sexence started out when, as someone who’s dealt with quite a few platforms in the world of wellness and self-care, also as an active user – I used lots of apps, in the field of meditation, nutrition and sport – I was looking for some information online on the sexual world,” says Roy Dror.

A tech entrepreneur, Dror turned to sex therapist Shelly Varod and together the two founded the personalized sexual wellness platform.

“One day Roy called, left me a message and presented me with this idea of reaching even more people, of passing on this world of sexuality through an app,” Varod says.

“We allow users to open a profile where they can ask whatever they want, anonymously or not, and they get an experience that is both personal and social within a self-care app.

Within the app, we present each user with insights, plans and products to improve his or her sex life,” Dror explains.

Aside from the app, Sexence also offers a web-based community in which users can “pass it on,” ask and share the questions and receive expert answers.

While there are plenty of other sex life apps on the market, Dror and Varod explain that theirs is unique because it’s not there to offer treatment but rather focuses on lifestyle and well-being.

Topics that users are interested in, Dror says, includes things such as heightened sexual pleasure, positive body image and first dates.

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