23 09

Barry works within the company’s intelligent automation team along with business analyst Conor Wallace, who works closely with client stakeholders to assess the potential for process automation and document those processes to be automated.

RPA is able to provide fast and immediate benefits ,which have proved highly beneficial to some of our largest clients when facing the challenges of Covid-19.

Responding to client questions and queries on the RPA processes already in production would be part of most days – this is usually followed by an hour or two of calls assessing potential processes for RPA suitability.

Process proposal documents are used to evaluate potential processes, and once given the go-ahead from the client, more detailed process definition documents are required by developers to start work on the RPA solution.

The majority of my day is people-focused and involves a lot of discussion and problem-solving, which are some of the most enjoyable aspects of the job for me.

I see RPA working best alongside people, and the majority of us would only be happy to concentrate on the more complicated and challenging daily tasks that require cognitive thinking rather than the repetitive and straightforward tasks! We also work with clients to upskill their people in RPA, providing them with the skills to not only work alongside automated processes, but also automate some of their own tasks – I believe this provides huge benefit.

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