27 07

With a clear understanding of the consequences of remaining dormant, the survey shows a vast majority of manufacturers are embarking on a digital transformation journey.

The results of Rackspace’s global survey show that in addition to allowing products and services to stand out, modernizing technology & applications can improve competitiveness as well as the kinds of customer experiences (CX) and efficiencies that drive profits.

A clear majority (89%) of manufacturers say their appreciation for application technology has grown over the past five years, and 51% of manufacturers say it takes months to gain consensus before implementing change.

Among the technologies that benefit manufacturers’ businesses most financially — both in generating revenue and reducing costs — AI/machine learning, cybersecurity, enterprise software, e-commerce, and IoT rank the highest.

Fortunately, a majority (68%) of non-tech C-suite manufacturing executives are thought to understand the bottom-line benefits of apps in the manufacturing industry.

According to survey results, manufacturers clearly understand the costs associated with not embarking on modernization efforts.

Specifically, respondents noted a failure to move away from legacy applications in the next two to three years, will cause employee turnover (100%) and lack of ability to compete (67%). 

The more individual leaders see technology, not as a cost center – but a possibility center – the better off they will be.

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