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The European Union (EU) is leading the world in regulating essential issues that impact anyone interacting with EU companies and citizens.

The EU led the way on data privacy regulation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

They are doing it again with AI regulation, and it will impact your business. Like GDPR, AI regulations that come out of the EU will impact nearly all global companies.

EU regulations of this type apply to all companies that seek to do business in the EU or with EU-based businesses or EU-based consumers.

In other words, unless you’re willing to give up working with the 450 Million citizens of the EU, these new regulations will impact you. The EU will be regulating AI that is considered an “unacceptable risk” and AI regarded as “high risk.” 

(1) First and foremost, you need to ensure you are not involved in an “unacceptable risk” AI initiative.

Unacceptable risk systems include exploitive, subliminal, or manipulative techniques that cause harm.

(2) Next, determine if you will build or use a “high-risk” AI system. These may include critical infrastructure where the system could put people’s life and health at risk.

(3) Prepare to include humans in the decisions made by the AI.

(4) Prepare to include explainability as part of your AI system.

(5) Ensure ongoing monitoring of systems.

Treat these upcoming EU regulations as an opportunity to manage and govern all AI-related risks.

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