01 06

With more and more devices and users, often connecting remotely, organizations need a more efficient way to manage their certificates in order to effectively protect customers and corporate data.

Most of the time, business leaders are put under intense pressure to ensure a strong return on investment with digital transformation initiatives, so it’s no surprise they are prioritizing security — especially when certificate outages can cost over $500,000 per hour and take up to days to repair, all while damaging brand reputation.

Modern PKI solutions automate certificate request, renewal, validation, alerts, and revocation to simplify PKI security, reduce costs and save time.

Managing large volumes of documents and signing them quickly and simply can only be achieved through automating digital signing — a prime example of how security automation goes hand in hand with digital transformation.

By now it should be clear that the need for security extends to all aspects of digital transformation and, as organizations increase their reliance on digital certificates and PKI, automating security will only become increasingly critical to save time and simplify management tasks.

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