17 05

We’ve seen successful examples of digital transformations across many industries: Amazon’s game-changing customer insight-driven platform and business model, DHL’s automated stock management supply chain system, and GE’s predictive analytic tools that measure equipment data for proactive maintenance.

We helped this health system implement a phased approach to automating pharmacy processes and implementing a data-driven medication supply chain.

Pharmacy leaders should define and communicate — both to C-level executives as well as across the extended organization — the potential a digital change has for improved financial, operational and clinical outcomes.

In short, the ability to present a clear transformation vision with the promise of a measurable, positive impact on business and patient outcomes is a very persuasive argument that’s hard to ignore.

Instead, aim for an agile rollout with a push to a small division; then, gather feedback from that existing user base to tweak the technology as you scale the implementation across the organization.

Digital transformation is not a single project; it’s a technology-driven strategy that requires continual evaluation and adjustments to meet established goals.

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