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Depending on where you live, download the Peloton app to try the routines & personalized data about your workout regiments and health—complete with music that is customized for you based on your initial choices (Acquisition).

If you are happy (or maybe not), you write an online review about Peloton and its studio, connect with others who train with you (Advocacy), get feedback for improvements from an algorithm based on data collected during Acquisition, decide to purchase a Peloton bike, or subscribe to another routine that works for you and is recommended by the AI algorithms (Growth).

Peloton has been running Facebook ads for years and was using both broad targeting and lookalikes to achieve its goals; but it wanted to grow faster, so it tapped the ad technology firm Lightning AI to help accelerate the process.

Lightning AI’s algorithms identified user groups that were highly likely to purchase Peloton bikes (Acquisition).

In addition, Lightning AI led Facebook prospecting campaigns for new Peloton bike sales, which drove 26 percent of total purchases from prospecting (Growth).

Side note: Peloton is one of many fitness brands that collect data. Second, the feedback, the personalized music, and the connection with other riders make you use the product more (Retention, Growth, Advocacy).

These new AI Moments are the new personalized way in which customers will experience all the moments in their customer relationship (Acquisition, Retention, Growth, Advocacy).

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