15 09

Digital transformation has been significantly accelerated for most companies thanks to the changes driven by Covid-19.

But this altered pace of change has had several consequences.

Firstly, businesses now expect the pace of digital transformation to remain high, rather than reverting to the slow programme mentality that many had pre-pandemic.

Secondly, while the accelerated pace has been necessary for businesses to keep up with the fast-moving pandemic era, some have lost sight of the need to take stock of the changes and transformations they are making.

Yet, this is vital to ensure crucial elements such as cost effectiveness, security and overall value of the changes made are meeting a business’s goals and needs.

These elements may be off the shelf as software-as-a-service (SaaS), which are then integrated into a tailor-made solution and deployed as containers or microservices that can span several hyperscale cloud providers.

What we are witnessing now is the need to re-consider how end-to-end design is changing the best way to merge the ready-made services in the cloud from a hyperscale or SaaS provider.

Good design takes these items into account and reacts, while great architecture can anticipate potential errors and pre-empt failures or issues, using AI to make changes before a customer notices the problem in the first place.

Bringing together the world of cloud managed services, security and networking for businesses will enable digital transformations to be better.

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