27 09

Transitioning to a different system typically means extra work and more disruption to everyday station operations, including retraining everyone.

For the past 15 years, automation systems have done a good job at providing hard drive space, memory, speed, networking, metadata, file management, uptime and GUIs.

If you are considering either a full cloud infrastructure or a hybrid approach, make sure your supplier has a dedicated development team devoted to the cloud.

Cloud-based playout is no easy task; you’ll do well to purchase from a company with dedicated resources.

Be aware that cloud playout will be billed as an ongoing software cost, typically monthly or annually.

Think about how that might affect your profitability and consider other op-ex costs to reduce due to advantages such as less hardware and technical support on-site.

Whether you move to the cloud now or in the future, ensure that your automation provider does not limit your options down the road.

The bottom line is that you should ensure your next automation purchase can easily integrate into and improve your workflows.

Some companies make a friendly playout system but do not have the funding to develop future technologies or adapt to changing workflows.

Typically, these working groups will include representatives from engineering, programming, operations, finance/management and sales.

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